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Men's Therapy Session in Memphis, TN

As men, we often struggle to express our emotions and address our mental health concerns. This is why men's therapy is essential and all the more beneficial in today's society. At Navigating Courage Counseling & Consultation serving those in Memphis, TN, we offer a safe and supportive space for men to understand their emotions and work toward healing and growth.

Experience the Transformative Effects of Therapy


Whether you know the direct source of your pain or need help navigating your thoughts, we have you covered. Our men's therapy sessions can help untangle the challenges that men face in their lives. Our experienced and compassionate therapists are equipped to handle a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship difficulties, addiction, and more.

During your men's therapy session, our therapists will work with you to identify any negative patterns of behavior or thinking that may be holding you back. You will learn new coping skills and strategies to manage stress, enhance your emotional intelligence, and improve your overall well-being.

Our men’s therapy sessions are targeted clinical treatments for your specific mental health issues. With fees ranging from $100-175 per session, we offer both in-person and virtual appointments for your convenience.

Book an Appointment


At Navigating Courage Counseling & Consultation, we understand that seeking therapy can be an overwhelming task for men. We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment where you feel heard, valued, and understood. Our therapists are committed to helping you navigate difficult life transitions, overcome challenges, and achieve your personal or professional goals.

Whether you are struggling with work-related stress, relationship issues, or simply need support in navigating life's challenges, our men's therapy session can provide the guidance and resources you need. Take the first step towards a brighter future by contacting Navigating Courage Counseling & Consultation today to schedule a men's therapy session.

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