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Providing psychotherapy to adult men & educating organizations on suicide prevention, employee wellness & brain health.


Individual therapy, 1:1. Targeted clinical treatment for specific clinical mental health issues, offered both in-person and virtual. 


Professional public speaking services on topics of mental health for groups, organizations, and businesses.

Fees determined by program requirements. 


For mental health and well-being services that provide a broader application to clinical or non-clinical areas of life. Focuses on shorter term work using a curriculum and goal focused for executives.

Group Packages Available


Clinical expert input on public health topics for media presentation - news, blogs, social clips, podcasting, and more. 

Fees determined by media needs. 


Organizational mental health  education and training for leaders and employees who provide mental healthcare in various settings.  

Want to learn more as you search for the best fit?


Choose a complimentary 15 minute call.


We will continually shift the practice to include more modalities as our team of clinicians grows over time to reach more populations. 

Our Clients Say

"Working with Justin was instrumental in my success and progress during a difficult time in my life. He equipped me with tools and helped me to navigate through issues that I still use today even years after I learned them."


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